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Advanced Robotic Solutions

TrendRobotics is a pioneering force in the robotics industry in Spain and collaborates as a distinguished partner with Exhale.

We offer a comprehensive suite of robotic-related services, spanning from the seamless integration of robots in industrial workflows to the development of tailor-made solutions for a diverse clientele in varying sectors.

Our team of robotics specialists boast in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the conceptualization, creation, and upkeep of robotic systems. Moreover, we leverage innovative technologies to devise solutions that are meticulously customized to meet the distinct requirements of our clients.

At Exhale, we are honored to collaborate with TrendRobotics. Together, we deliver a synergy of digital marketing and advanced robotic solutions, dedicated to helping our clients realize their business aspirations and enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

If you’re seeking top-tier robotic solutions in Madrid, feel free to reach out to us.

At Exhale, we stand ready to support you in all aspects of this field, delivering unparalleled service and expertise.



This automated cart is exceptionally advantageous within the hospitality industry, seamlessly facilitating the autonomous transportation of luggage, culinary items, and other substantial objects, optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing service delivery.



ClickUp represents a sophisticated process automation platform, meticulously developed to empower businesses to elevate their operational efficiency and significantly reduce the incidence of errors, fostering a more productive and error-resilient business environment.

Aditive 3D Building

Fabricación aditiva 3D

3D printing is a transformative technology reshaping the landscape of the manufacturing industry, and TrendRobotics stands at the forefront, offering cutting-edge, innovative solutions in this domain.

Software Systems

En TrendRobotics también ofrecen soluciones de software para robots, como sistemas de control y monitorización, software de simulación y herramientas de programación. 


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